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Onion Bhaji (Vegan/Vegetarian)
$ 8.95

Traditional Bombay style sliced onion fritters battered with spiced bean flour. Crispy, spicy & tangy

(25¢ per sale will support Jyoti & Anjali’s education in India. Learn more at tich.ca)

Achari Paneer Grill (Vegetarian)
$ 13.95

Grilled cottage cheese marinated in Indian pickle sauce served with a mix of mushrooms, bell peppers and onions

Vegetarian Pakora (Vegan/Vegetarian) NEW
$ 9.95

A mix of sliced potatoes, onions, spinach, cauliflower and eggplant fried to crispy golden-brown perfection

Chickpea Salad NEW
$ 6.95

Chickpeas, cucumber, bell peppers, red onions, olives tossed in house made vinaigrette

Hara Mirch Chicken Tikka
$ 13.95

Chicken morsels marinated overnight in a perfect blend of green chili, mint and coriander paste

Butter Chicken Wings

Coming soon to our patio near you

Vindaloo Chicken Wings

Coming soon to our patio near you

Tandoori Chicken Tikka
$ 13.95

Boneless chicken morsels marinated in authentic Indian spices and thick yogurt

Sea Food Tikki
$ 9.95

Seafood cakes tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds

Kesari Prawns
$ 19.95

Fresh Prawns marinated in a blend of Indian spices, saffron and yogurt, char cooked in clay oven

Assorted Tandoori Platter
$ 34.95

A combination of Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Hara Mirch Chicken Tikka, Prawns and Achari Paneer

Assorted Appetizer Platter
$ 28.95

A combination of Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Hara Mirch Tikka, Vegetable Pakoras, and Seafood Tikki

Assorted Vegetarian Platter NEW
$ 18.95

Vegetable Pakoras, Achari Paneer Grill, Onion Bhaji and Masala Fries

Head to – yes – Mimico for the best new Indian restaurant in Toronto … This isn't your standard, North Americanized Northern Indian, …. There's range and yes, spice, and freshness to what Tich does.

Chris Nuttall-Smith - The Globe and Mail

The best new Indian food isn’t on Gerrard or out in Brampton, it’s in sleepy South Etobicoke. I’ve developed a serious addiction to the Kerala-style curry, swimming with chunks of lobster and shrimp, prepared by chef Sujoy Saha.

Mark Pupo - Toronto life

Mimico's Tich Modern Indian Cuisine appeals to eyes and taste buds

Amy Pataki - The Toronto Star


Butter Chicken
$ 16.95

Grilled tender boneless chicken pieces simmered in rich makhani gravy

Chicken Tikka Masala
$ 17.95

Chicken morsels tossed with bell peppers and onions, grilled to perfection in clay oven

Madras Chicken Curry
$ 16.95

Traditional South Indian chicken curry infused with mustard seeds, curry leaves and coconut for an aromatic experience

Saag Chicken New
$ 16.95

Chicken simmered in freshly grounded spinach, onions, tomatoes and traditional Indian spices

Saag Lamb New
$ 17.95
Chicken Vindallo
$ $16.95

Indo-Portuguese inspired dish marinated overnight in fresh ginger & spices, HOT and sharp in taste

$ 17.95
Lamb Bhuna
$ 17.95

A rich and spicy curry prepared with yogurt and aromatic spice

Hyderabad Lamb Shank
$ 24.95

Braised Lamb Shank simmered in a rich and savory sauce of herbs and fresh ginger

Lamb Korma
$ 17.95

Lamb dish simmered in a creamy cashew-rich delicious curry

Lamb Bhuna
$ 17.95

A rich and spicy curry prepared with yogurt and aromatic spices

Goan Prawn Curry
$ 24.95

Prawn simmered in thick curry with tamarind, ginger, coconut in a blend of 21 home spices

Goan Lobster & Prawn Curry (Signature dish)
$ 28.95

Lobster and prawn simmered in thick of curry with tamarind, whole green chilies,ginger and coconut - Goan style

Seafood xacuti NEW
$ 24.45

Prawns and scallops cooked in a thick curry prepared with complex spicing, grated coconut and large dried red chilies

Dill Infused Fish Fillet NEW
$ 22.45

Fresh dill infused fish fillet served on a bed of lentils garnished with mix veggies

Lemon Grass Sea Bream NEW
$ 24.95

Whole Sea Bream marinated with Chef’s special spices grilled in clay oven, served with lemon grass curry

Mains - Vegetarian & Vegan

Saag Paneer (Vegan available)
$ 14.95

Cottage cheese cubes simmered in freshly grounded spinach, onions, tomatoes and traditional Indian spices

Hyderabad Baby Eggplant (Nuts) (Vegan available)
$ 15.95

Baby eggplant braised in coconut, ginger, sesame and tamarind sauce

Masala Bhindi (Vegan available)
$ 14.95

Lady’s finger, commonly known as Okra, tossed in a dry onion, garlic and ginger base, tempered with cumin seeds

Channa Masala ( vegan )
$ 12.95

Chickpeas infused with onion, tomatoes, coriander seed, garlic & ginger

Vegetable Korma NEW
$ 14.95

Mixed vegetables simmered in a creamy cashew and poppy seeds rich delicious curry

Dal Bukhara
$ 14.95

Dark and rich, deeply flavored lentils, simmered and slow cooked for a perfect harmony

Yellow Dal Tarka (Vegan available)
$ 12.95

Yellow lentils tempered with aromatic spices garnished with fresh cilantro

Veg Jalfrezi (Vegan available)
$ 15.95

Sautéed Asparagus tossed in mixed vegetables cooked with tomatoes, onions and spices

Allo gobi - Cauliflower & Potatoes ( vegan )
$ 13.95

A Punjabi classic made with potatoes (aloo) and cauliflower (gobi).


Rice dish cooked with your choice of the following

Vegetarian (Vegan available)
$ 14.95
$ 15.95
$ 19.95
$ 16.95


Saffron flavored Basmati Rice
$ 4.95

Fragrant long grain Basmati rice infused with saffron and bay leafs

Peas Pulao - Basmati Rice
$ 5.95

Saffron flavored Basmati Rice cooked with green peas, and cumin seeds


Clay oven freshly baked warm breads

Plain Naan
$ 2.95
Butter Naan
$ 3.25
Garlic Naan
$ 3.95
Roti (whole wheat)
$ 2.95
Lacha Parantha (whole wheat)
$ 5.25

Flaky layered buttered whole wheat bread


Coke | Gingerale | Sprite
$ 1.95
Mango Lassi
$ 4.85

Wine List | White

Rosé “Cuvée Marie-Justine” 2015 Baudry-Dutour (Loire, France)

5oz–11 | 9oz–19.55 | 1/2L–34 | Bottle–51 100% Cab Franc, peach and citrus, dry and complex

Sauvignon Blanc Peter Yealands (Marlborough, New Zealand)

5oz–8.75 | 9oz–14.95 | 1/2L–28 | Bottle–42 Ripe notes of passionfruit and guava, with aromas of fresh herbs

Pinot Grigio 2015 Luigi Righetti (Veneto, Italy)

Good mid-palate weight with hints of pistachio 5oz–9.60 | 9oz–16.25 | 1/2L–30 | Bottle–44

Albarino “Argos” 2014 Raimat (Rias Biaxas, Spain)

Citrus, white peach and orange blossoms 5oz–13.60 | 9oz–24 | 1/2L–43 | Bottle–62

Willm Gewürztraminer 2013 (Alsace, France)

Lychee, rosewater and grapefruit. Sweet 5oz–11 | 9oz–18.50 | 1/2L–32 | Bottle–48

House White

5oz–6.50 | 9oz-10.60 | 1/2L–23 Premium Vintage by the bottle Ask server for details

Wine List | RED

Shiraz 2015 Six Rows (South Australia)

Dark raspberry, eucalyptus and black licorice, toasty oak finish 5oz–8.60 | 9oz–14.75 | 1/2L–27 | Bottle–40

Cotes Du Rhone 2015 Domain Saint-Michel (Rhone, France)

50% Grenache 30% Syrah 20%, soft tannins, ripe brambly fruit 5oz–10.60 | 9oz–18.80 | 1/2L–33 | Bottle–49

Valpolicella Ripasso “Campolieti” 2013 Luigi Righetti (Veneto, Italy)

Corvina/Rondinella/Molinara-strawberry, cherry and plum, hints of leather 5oz–12.55 | 9oz–22.40 | 1/2L–38.40| Bottle–54

Malbec 2012 Terra Rosa (Mendoza, Argentina)

Sweet blackberry fruit on the nose, complex and rich 5oz– 13.50 | 9oz–24 |1/2L–43 | Bottle–64

House Red

5oz–6.50 | 9oz-10.60 | 1/2L–23 Premium Vintage by the bottle Ask server for details

House White

5oz–6.50 | 9oz-10.60 | 1/2L–23 Premium Vintage by the bottle Ask server for details



Prosecco| Italy

$ 44.65
$ 12.95

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